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A bedroom is an essential part of the house and is a place where one spends most of their time studying, working or relaxing. Thus, we have equipped the bedroom with some of the most comfortable and convenient facilities that may make your life free from all worries. The wonders hidden in the bedroom are as follows:

  • Comfy and king size Double bed
  • A cosy Leather sofa
  • A roomy double wardrobe
  • HD Television
  • A beautiful chest of drawer
  • Easily approachable bedside cabinet
  • Study desk & Chair
  • Fridge as well as a freezer
  • A Microwave
  • Appliances of utmost ease like a Toaster and a kettle
  • Superfast broadband with wireless internet with speedy surfing


Our bucket list does not end at providing our customers with the finest locality, furnishings, and facilities; we have more to the list. The 1 bedroom house arranged by Rooms in Huddersfield caters to all professionals and students alike. We manifest the best of services so that our customers can be free from all residential worries and focus solely on their aim. Our property is a dream place for every dweller who wishes to live a peaceful life away from their homeland. These bonus wonders include the following:

  • No deposit fee
  • No Signing up fee
  • No Admin fee
  • Property management service available 24/7
  • Customer service is just a call away
  • Billing charges are included in the rental price.

Now, after all this detailed explanation about the wonders of the property, you may think that the property is just a virtual thing, and the facilities mentioned are only an imaginative view. Well, come to have a look at the house yourself by booking an initial viewing of the property. You can believe this after seeing our unique and inexpensive 1 bedroom house and decide the best for yourself!

You can reach us via call +447496704357/ +441484280326 or email us at For more information kindly visit our website

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